Practice Transitions with MyEyeDr.: ODs’ Perspectives

Practice owners share the many advantages of selling to MyEyeDr., including benefits to patient care, staff and their own professional lives and fulfillment.

Learn Why MyEyeDr. Is the Partner You Have Been Waiting For
Sellers have many options. Here is why MyEyeDr. is the right company to partner with for the sale of your practice.

How I Chose a Practice Partner that Prioritizes Teamwork
By Parisa Foroutan, OD
The right partner can offer greater resources for patient care. It also can help an optometrist accelerate their career by expanding opportunities to collaborate with peers. Here is how I found a partner that has allowed me to lead with peers to build better care for patients and their communities. >>READ MORE>>

How the Right Practice Partner Can Connect You to a Huge Network of Colleagues
By Paul Salvatore, OD
When searching for a practice partner for the next phase of your career, you want great continuity of care for your patients and the ability to expand your professional horizons. And when you do become part of an organization with a vast network of peers, meeting those goals becomes much easier. Here is how I found just such an organization to partner with. >>READ MORE>>

Why You Should Choose a Practice Partner that Comes with Centers of Excellence
By Jeff Strand, OD
Your passion for specialized areas of optometry can get a boost if you find the right organization to partner with. Here are the details on the organization I found that enables ODs who join us to receive significant support in launching or expanding a practice specialty. >>READ MORE>>

Improve Your Patient Care with the Right Partner
By Artis Beatty, OD
As an optometrist, I understand the magnitude of choosing the right organization with which to partner. The goal is to find a group that prioritizes patient care as much as you do, and that seeks to exceed patient expectations rather than merely meet them. Here are the details on the partnership that helped me improve care for my patients and those of other practitioners in our organization. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Partner Helping Me Innovate the Future of Optometry
By Darryl Glover, OD
The future of optometry holds exciting opportunities for ODs to enhance care, grow in their profession, and even contribute to improving society. Here are the details on the organization I joined that is helping me shape the future of optometry for the better. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Partner that Helped Me Create a Best-in-Class Patient Experience
By Mark Schaeffer, OD
When looking for a practice buyer, you think about the profitability of the sale, but also about how the sale will impact your patients. When MyEyeDr. purchased our practice a few years ago, both my patients and I were winners. Here’s why. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Buyer that Reset–and Greatly Improved–My Exit Strategy
By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBA
Every OD must eventually consider their practice exit strategy, including whether they want to continue working after they sell their practice. Here are the details on the buyer that convinced me to make a decision I didn’t think I would make, and, in the process, greatly improved my work life while enabling me to continue serving patients with the same high level of care. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Buyer Powering Continued Leadership Opportunities
By Blake J. Hughes, OD
Leadership opportunities and the sale of your practice wouldn’t seem to go together. But in my case, these two goals did. Here is how the company I sold my practice to is providing me with the ability to continue being a leader while remaining fulfilled as a doctor. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Buyer Keeping Us on Track–and Growing–Even During a Pandemic
By Keith S. Hilliard, OD, FAAO
When you decide to sell your practice, you have many options. If you seek to continue working after the sale, it is important to find a buyer that will facilitate a work life that you find rewarding, while helping you to maintain the high level of care that your patients have come to expect. Here is the buyer that helped me accomplish both of those goals. >>READ MORE>>

How the Right Practice Buyer Can Give You the Work Life You Always Wanted
By Gayle Karanges, OD
When it came time to sell my practice, there were certain characteristics I was looking for in my ideal buyer. Here is how I found the buyer I needed to have the work life that had been my goal, and how being a part of a larger company is enabling me to continue delivering high-quality care to patients. >>READ MORE>>

The Buyer That Delivered My Dream Work Life–& Is Helping Us Withstand COVID
By Joseph Smay, OD
Your practice is precious to you both as an investment and as the product of a life’s work serving patients. When it comes time to sell–and you know you want to continue practicing–you need a buyer that understands where you’re coming from. Fortunately, that’s just the kind of buyer I found when I sold my practice in January 2019 to MyEyeDr. >>READ MORE>>

How to Partner with a Buyer that Can Help You Grow & Prosper as an OD

By Heather H. Day, OD
You have many buyers to choose from when selling your practice, but most of them won’t help you advance as an optometrist. Here is how I found a buyer that is enabling me to continue practicing optometry in just the way I want. >>READ MORE>>

Finding the Buyer Right for Your Patients, Staff–and You
By Chris Hobson, OD
Deciding to sell your practice is a huge decision. Deciding on the right buyer for your practice is an equally big, important choice to make. The continuity of care for your patients is at stake, as well as the quality of your work life and your family’s financial well-being. >>READ MORE>>

The Practice Sale that Will Help You Thrive in a Managed-Care Environment
By Catherine M. Ferentini, OD
Managed care, along with other pressures, like online retail and competition from optical chains, makes thriving as an OD challenging. When I sold my practice in April 2018 to MyEyeDr., I found the support I needed to be the best–and most fulfilled–doctor I could be. >>READ MORE>>

How the Right Buyer Has Fueled My Practice’s Marketing
By Gregory Usdan, OD
Marketing a practice can be an uphill battle. Traditional advertising can be expensive, and often ineffective, and social media marketing can work well–if you know what you’re doing. Here is how the right buyer helped one practice maximize its marketing opportunities. >>READ MORE>>

Right Buyer = Flexible, Accommodating Work Life
By Hal Frankel, OD
The independence of private practice is rewarding; particularly as it relates to how to best serve patients. But it also can be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, leaving little time for family and interests outside of the office. Here’s the difference the right buyer made to one doctor’s quality of life. >>READ MORE>>

Practice Booster Shot: Selling to MyEyeDr.
By Andy Cook, OD
Focusing on being a doctor over being a business owner can be a win-win financially and personally. One OD shares his post-sale experience. >>READ MORE>>

Private Equity: How One OD Found the Right Buyer
By Morris Sheffer, OD
Selling your practice is a big step, and staying on as an employee of a PE-backed owner is a huge adjustment. The keys to success: Find the right organization to sell to, and adjust your work patterns and goals. >>READ MORE>>


Optometric Family Business: A New Chapter
By Mark Schaeffer, OD,
and Brooke Schaeffer-Kaplan, OD
Selling to private equity is a huge decision, especially when the practice is a family business. Here’s how one optometric family made that decision, and managed the transition after the sale. >>READ MORE>>

Patients First: How Finding the Right Buyer Enhances Care
By Scott Allison, OD, MBA
When the practice where you work is on the market, you worry about whether the new owner will positively impact patient care and your team members. Here’s how one practice found the ideal buyer for its patients, staff and owners. >>READ MORE>>

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