Anagram: Make Your Practice Accessible to All Patients, Regardless of Insurance Type

Patients need your expertise, services and care, but what happens when they have an insurance type that your office doesn’t accept? They go elsewhere for care. Now there is a solution, Anagram (formerly Patch), that enables you to process patient insurance in your office, regardless of the type of insurance they have. ROB contributors share the difference Anagram has made to their ability to serve patients and grow profitability.


The Technology Reducing Our Dependency on Managed Care & Increasing Our Per-Patient Revenue
By Jennifer Williams, OD
Managed care can be a barrier to profitability for many practices, and can adversely impact the patient experience with the required sale of specified products and the mandated use of designated optical labs. Luckily, there is a technology solution that is available that has freed practices like mine from these limitations. Here are the details.  >>READ MORE>>
The Revolutionary Rebate that Helped Us Sell 5 Pairs of Glasses to One Patient
By Fabio Pineda
Getting patients to the point where they are ready to make one purchase, let alone several, is challenging. I discovered a new tool that makes this daunting task easier, and both our patients and office are reaping great rewards as a result. Here are the details. >>READ MORE>>
How an Instant Rebate Transformed One Patient’s Experience
By Harsh Parekh, Owner, Lens N Specs
Big-box retailers are squeezing independents. Anything that gives an independent an edge in competing is invaluable. Here are the details on a new technology that allows us to offer our patients instant rebates.  >>READ MORE>>
How to Triple Your Multiple-Pair Sales Rate with Instant Rebates
By Steve Alexander, Head of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Anagram
It’s in practices across the country, disrupting care and constraining providers. What is it? Large corporations and industry consolidation turning eyecare into a profit-at-all-costs business instead of a patient-driven service. Here is a new tool that will help you overcome those hurtles to dramatically increase multiple-pair sales. >>READ MORE>>
The Technology Empowering a 59% Per Patient Revenue Increase During COVID
By Daniel Sjolund, OD
The COVID pandemic made it clear that vision plans were an obstacle to practice success. And our practice was proof: We dropped vision plans during the pandemic and increased per patient revenue 59 percent. Here is how we did it. >>READ MORE>>
How I Maintain Profitability While Remaining Out-of-Network with All Discount Vision Plans
By Kandi Moller, OD
When I opened my practice cold, I had a vision in mind. That vision did not include accepting discount insurance plans. When I learned about a technology that could make it easier for all patients, regardless of insurance, to visit our office, I added it to my practice. Here are the details. >>READ MORE>>
How I Improved Patient Experience & Increased Overall Revenue More Than 10% After Dropping Vision Plans
By Dave Anderson, OD
A patient’s insurance dictates a lot about the experience they have with a provider. Often, that leaves practice owners with an insufficient say in patient satisfaction. Here is how we dropped vision plans while creating happy patients and growing revenues. >>READ MORE>>
Anagram Announces New, Tiered Pricing Plan
Anagram, an online platform that allows eyecare providers to look up and easily process patients’ out-of-network benefits, is announcing a new, tiered pricing plan that asks ECPs to pay only for what their practice uses. >>READ MORE>>
Adapting to a New World By Dropping Vision Plans: How to Do it Successfully
By Nicolas Gilberg
People and businesses alike are being forced to adapt to unpredictable and transformative circumstances this year. One way they have been adapting is by evaluating the managed vision plans their practice accepts, and whether each (or any) of these plans makes financial sense for the practice. Here are tips for doing that. >>READ MORE>>
How I Dropped a Major Insurance Provider from My Practice & Am More Profitable than Ever 
By Robert Davidoff, ABOC
Insurance providers can be a guide to many patients in where they seek care. For that reason, I was nervous when we had to drop a major one from our practice. However, thanks to an exciting technology, Anagram, we are able to continue serving those patients. We are able to facilitate their reimbursements from their vision benefit even though we no longer are a part of that insurance panel. >>READ MORE>>
Insurance Processing Tool Helping to Facilitate 20% Annual Growth
By Kara E. Ramsey, OD
It may seem intimidating, but dropping managed care plans actually represents a tremendous opportunity for your practice. It can also be a great opportunity for your patients–if you have the right technology in place to smooth the transition. >>READ MORE>>
Why the Type of Insurance Our Patients Have No Longer Matters
By Lori Frank
Patient insurance coverage can mean the difference between a patient who you are able to serve and a patient who will look elsewhere for care. Fortunately, we have a solution now that enables us to serve all patients, no matter the type of insurance they have. >>READ MORE>>
The Tool Helping Us Capture 60-70% of Vision-Plan Patients Who Contact Us
By Kathleen Brasfield, OD
Being out-of-network is a common reason patients decide not to visit a practice. Thanks to Anagram (formerly Patch), a solution we implemented in our practice three years ago, that is no longer a concern for our patients. >>READ MORE>>
The Out-of-Network Medical Solution Increasing Annual Profit 100K
By Chris Butcher, OD
Patients visit optometrists for glasses and contacts, and importantly, to maintain the health of their eyes. Until now, we have had no way to process insurance for patients with out-of-network medical benefits. That has just changed. >>READ MORE>>
The Technology that Enables Us to Serve All Patients, Regardless of Insurance Type  
By Timothy Hinderschied and Todd Baumgartner, OD
You can be the best doctor, and have the best optical dispensary, but if patients can’t use their insurance in your office, most will go elsewhere. Fortunately, there is a service and technology that makes it easy for patients to use insurance in your office, regardless of what that insurance is. >>READ MORE>>
How to Convert Vision-Plan Patients Into Self-Pay Patients  
By Stacey Nutting, LDO, and Richard Krzyzak, OD
The insurance claims submission process can be cumbersome, and when done incorrectly, can slow reimbursements to your office. One solution is to use a tool that allows you to convert all patients, regardless of insurance plan, into patients who pay in full upfront, and then get reimbursed by their insurance plan. >>READ MORE>>
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