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New Ortho-K Education & Training Center

Feb. 1, 2017

Paragon Vision Sciences, a provider of orthokeratology tools, launched the Paragon Education and Training Academy, a learning and training center, located at the company’s new headquarters in Gilbert, Ariz.

>>Click HERE to watch a video about Paragon Vision Service’s new training center>>

“Paragon Vision Sciences is dedicated to driving innovation in specialty contact lens technology and advancement in the science of ocular health,” says Richard Jeffries, president, Paragon Vision Sciences. “The Paragon Education and Training Academy expands our commitment to provide clinical expertise and practice management know-how in the areas of fitting and patient management of CRT and specialty contact lenses.”

The facility includes a fully-equipped media suite, capable of offering live-streaming content. The Academy will host a series of live monthly webinars from leading industry experts to help practitioners keep up to date on techniques and developments in myopia management, specialty contact lenses and other subjects. Additionally, Paragon Vision Sciences will work with its strategic laboratory partners and experts from around the world to produce original digital video content in any language.

“As contact lens technology continues to grow, we are committed to helping eyecare practitioners fit specialty contact lenses with more precision, efficiency and confidence,” says Ken Kopp, Paragon’s director of Clinical and Professional Services. “Our online learning and in-house production capabilities are the foundation of our long-term goal to establish the Academy as a center of excellence where practitioners and students also will be able to receive hands-on training, share knowledge, and work together toward developing innovative solutions to unmet optical needs.”




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