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What’s Next in AI for Healthcare?

Oct. 23, 2019

Artificial intelligence has an array of exciting ways it could expand further into healthcare. Here are key developments in AI that may impact your patients and practice, according to reporting by Tom Taulli in Forbes.

Machine learning-based applications will preempt and prevent disease on a more personal level, rather than merely reacting to symptoms, Taulli quotes Ori Geva, CEO of Medial EarlySign, as saying: “Providers and payers will be better positioned to care for their patients’ needs with the tools to delay or prevent the onset of life-threatening conditions. Ultimately, patients will benefit from timely and personalized treatment to improve outcomes and potentially increase survival rates.”

AI will facilitate turning the mountain of data now available to health-care practitioners into actionable health-related insights, “promoting personalized health and optimizing care,” Dr. Gidi Stein, CEO of MedAware, tells Taulli. “This will empower patients to take the driving wheel of their own health, promote better patient-provider communication and facilitate high-end healthcare to under-privileged geographies.”

Tim O’Malley, president and chief growth officer at EarlySense, tells Taulli that “the next mega trend will be harnessing this AI-driven “Smart Data” to accurately predict and avoid adverse events for patients. The aggregate of this data will be used to formulate predictive analytics to be used across diverse patient populations across the continuum of care, which will provide truly personalized medicine.”

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