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What Helps the Most in Selling Children’s Eyewear?

Point-of-sale materials may be more valuable than you think, findings from Jobson Optical Research’sSelling Eyewear To Children report suggest. Thirty-four percent of respondents said point-of-purchase materials help the most in selling children’s eyewear, tied with promotions, also at 34 percent.

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Are you running your practice by the science of business or by emotion? Here’s one way you can check to see. Jobson Optical Research’s Selling Eyewear to Children report shows that 68 percent of patients make their purchasing decision after they have crossed the threshold of your practice. This matches pretty closely with numbers for the general public for other purchases they make.

People do not like to think they are influenced very much by marketing materials, but the numbers tell a different story. In the general public, 70 percent of buying decisions are made after the consumer gets to the “store” and sees the internal marketing.

Your action plan for today is to walk through your practice. As you go through your practice, put yourself in the position of a patient. How well does your internal marketing guide patients to buying decisions? To answer that question, go through this exercise.

Fill in these boxes with the marketing materials that you have in each location inside the office.

Now, how effective are the marketing materials identified above in helping patients to purchase? Answer these questions to give insight into the marketing effectiveness.

1) Are the marketing materials clean, current and fresh?
2) Is there a theme to the marketing materials?
3) Are there better marketing materials that would be more effective?
4) Are there services or materials that are not marketed in your practice that should be marketed?
5) Are the marketing materials in the best place to be most effective?

Get your lab reps involved in this process. They have resources that can help you, plus they have seen what works and doesn’t work in lots of practices.

Take this week to make sure you are helping patients make those 68 percent purchasing decisions inside your office effectively and efficiently.

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