Up Your Game in Optical Retail: Examples from Top-Selling Practices

The optical dispensary generates about 60 percent of revenue in the average practice. Here are approaches that will help you generate more sales, and more importantly, boost profits from your dispensary.

Video: 3 Ways I Compete With Online Retailers
Optometry is facing challenges from competitors like online retailers, optical chains and a new consumer mindset. People want their healthcare to be friction-free in the delivery, and personalized to suit their needs. Ian G. Whipple, OD, the owner of Vision Source of Farr West , shares the big ways his practice provides this experience for his patients. >>READ MORE>>

The “Disruptions” That Are Boosting My Practice Profitability
Optometry is facing challenges from online retailers, large optical chains and a change in the consumer mindset. People want their healthcare, like the other products and services they buy, to be friction-free in the delivery, and personalized to suit their needs. Here are the key ways I am disrupting business as usual to serve patients better and grow my practice. >>READ MORE>>

Top Psychological Drivers to Spur Shopping in Your Optical
Small businesses are becoming as aware as their larger counterparts of psychologically based retail strategies that increase the likelihood of people making a purchase. Here is a psychologically savvy way to approach how you present your products to patients. >>READ MORE>>

When to Discount Your Practice’s Products–and When Not To
Discounts can boost revenues when used judiciously. But overused, they cut into profits and cripple a practice. See when discounts are helpful, and when they should be avoided. >>READ MORE>>

Top Ways to Increase Optical Sales
The trend toward online purchasing, and the threat of competition from large retail chains, is not going away. To compete with these rivals, who are much better-financed, you must find ways to make your optical stand out, and be easy and convenient to purchase from. Here are a few ideas to get you started.>>READ MORE>>

Optical Displays: Six Ideas to Boost Sales
Creating optical displays that spur sales requires creativity and savvy from your opticians–and support from practice owners. Here are some of the ways you can give us the resources we need to make your optical more profitable. >>READ MORE>>

Tips for Training Your Opticians to Sell More Multiple Pairs
Selling multiple pairs is a key to both patient satisfaction and revenue generation. The more visual solutions you provide to your patients, the happier they are with your practice, the more products they buy from you, and the more your bottom line increases. >>READ MORE>>

9 Ways to Manage Your Frame Board Profitably
Chances are, only a small number of frames on your frame board are the ones that people bought. Here are a few tricks of the frame inventory management trade from an optometrist and owner of a large practice who used to be an optician. >>READ MORE>>

4 Summer Optical Promotion Ideas
Summer has the potential to be a “hot” time for optical sales. Fortunately, there are many great, yet easy, ways to encourage purchases of the eyewear you sell–even when people may have their mind on their upcoming vacation more than on shopping for glasses. Here are four ideas to implement to improve summer optical sales. >>READ MORE>>

10 Action Points to Improve Your Optical Dispensary
As you implement your professional New Year’s resolutions, make sure this is on the list: improving your optical dispensary. Here are 10 steps to boost profits. >>READ MORE>>

6 Ways to Reduce Eyewear Remakes
Lens remakes of eyewear can be costly, in both the cost of the lens itself, as well as the time it takes your staff to work with the patient again, and place the reorder. Here are some of the ways one optician has learned, over three decades of serving patients, to limit remake requests. >>READ MORE>>

6 Ways to Sell AR Lenses & Generate $59,000 More a Year
Anti-reflective (AR) lens treatments give your patients greater comfort and visual quality, and even make them look better in photos and videos by eliminating reflections on their lenses. Here is how to maximize the number of patients who opt for it. >>READ MORE>>

How to Beat Online Retailers By Selling Custom, Premium Glasses
Custom visual solutions from premium spectacle lenses is a practice differentiator. It sets you apart from both online and optical chain retailers. Here is how one practice is optimizing custom eyewear technology to give patients the best while enhancing profitability. >>READ MORE>>

How to Get More People to Want Computer Glasses
Concerns about harmful blue light, and digital eye fatigue, should make selling computer glasses an easy proposition. Here is how one practice made a concerted effort to educate patients in the exam room, and in the optical, on why computer glasses, or “desktop glasses,” are important to their eye health, visual quality and comfort. >>READ MORE>>

Why You Should Talk Lens Style in the Exam Room
The lenses you prescribe to patients can address a variety of visual challenges, from driving to sporting needs and computer tasks. While you educate patients about the functions of their lenses, you may also want to educate them about the role a specialized lens can play in their style. Here’s how to do that. >>READ MORE>>

Increasing Capture Rate: Top Ways to Coordinate with Opticians
You want your patients to have the products you prescribed for them, and to have them buy those products from your optical. Here are some of the ways you can coordinate with your opticians to enhance patient care, and to drive optical revenues. >>READ MORE>>

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