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The Many Career Pathways Open to Today’s ODs

August 14, 2019

Opportunities to expand medical eyecare services are waiting to be tapped by forward-looking ODs. From vision therapy to dry eye and myopia management, here are top areas of growth in optometry, and models of non-traditional career pathways and practice concepts. An in-depth ROB discussion with Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, ROB Professional Editor, and Roger Mummert, ROB Content Director.

MEDICAL EYECARE GROWTH. Medical eyecare is growing three-times faster than refractive services. This provides increased opportunities to deliver services to address ocular surface disease and provide specialized care in neuro-rehabilitative eyecare and myopia management, among other areas.

ENHANCE SKILLS. Learn to diagnose and treat a broad range of medical condition, and install systems to deliver the new services you offer.

PREPARE STAFF. Create protocols so that staff knows what needs to be done to support you in each diagnosis, and how to bill for all of the services you provide.

INCREASE YOUR VALUE. Doing a post-graduate residency in an emerging or fast-growing area of medical eyecare can immediately increase your value to practices and greatly increase your earnings over the course of your career.

CONSIDER NON-TRADITIONAL PRACTICE MODELS. New practice models are emerging, including service-based practices with no optical, and hybrid models with OD/MD ownership. Consider also optometric careers in research, industry and the military.

“Emerging Career Pathways”” Podcast
Listen to the two-part podcast “Emerging Career Pathways” discussion with Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, ROB Professional Editor, and Roger Mummert, ROB Content Director. Issues discussed include new practice concepts and revenue models, and generational differences around the issue of younger ODs purchasing practices of mature ODs looking to transition out of ownership.

RESOURCE CITED:  “Navigation Guide to Private Practice Transformation” can be downloaded from ROB.




Mark Wright, OD, FCOVD, is Professional Editor of Review of Optometric Business. Contact:

Roger Mummert is Content Director for Review of Optometric Business. Contact:



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