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    Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions: Greater Patient Comfort & Practice Profitability

    By Gina M. Wesley, OD, MS, FAAONov. 4, 2015Hydrogen peroxide solutions, such as CLEAR CARE PLUS, can help patients stay in their...

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    Contact Lens Solutions

    CLEAR CARE: Clearly the Choice for Comfortable Long-Term CL Wear

    ADVERTORIALBy Gina M. Wesley, OD, MS, FAAOCLEAR CARE can give your patients an advantage in staying comfortably--and safely--in their contacts for a...

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    Contact Lens Solutions

    Educate Patients About Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions, Reduce Dropouts

    By Pamela Lowe, ODEducate patients on the benefits of hydrogen peroxide-based contact lens solutions. Doing so will reduce costly dropouts and create...

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    Contact Lens Solutions

    Educate Patients on Contact Lens Care–and Decrease Costly Dropouts

    By Teresa Narayan, ODEducate patients to enable them to follow through with your prescribed contact lenscare regimen. Doing so will decrease the...

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    Contact Lens Solutions

    Contact Lens Care: Recommend Specific Solutions

    By Mile Brujic, OD, and David Kading, ODThe right lens care--with a quality solution--can ensure contact lens wearing comfort and reduce your...

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    Contact Lens Solutions

    Educate Patients: Different CL Solutions Have Different Ingredients

    By Crystal Brimer, ODExplain to patients that preservatives found in certain contact lens solutions can negatively affect their eyes and decrease wearing...

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