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New Research: Top Barriers to Healthcare Access

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Survey results revealing why patients don’t access healthcare as much as they should.

Sept. 6, 2023

A new survey of 2,000 U.S. adults examined their biggest barriers to healthcare access, with findings presented in Talker.

Out-of-pocket expenses were a major concern, with 53 percent stating this would impact their decision to not seek medical care if they needed it.

Nearly half (49 percent) also cited lack of transportation to the facility where they would need care or being unable to afford the ride.

While nearly half (49 percent) budget for out-of-pocket expenses, there were differences among generations polled. Gen X led the charge in planning for these costs (54 percent), compared to Baby Boomers (39 percent).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Assurance IQ, results also found just over two-thirds (67 percent) feel knowledgeable about how their health insurance plan works.

Gen X respondents were more likely to share this sentiment (71 percent), compared to only 48 percent of Gen Z.

Overall, seven in 10 (72 percent) are confident they know exactly what is and isn’t covered by their current health insurance plan.

Yet a similar generational disparity was present. Around three in four Gen X survey-takers felt well-informed (78 percent), while only 53 percent of Gen Z did.

Additionally, the data revealed knowledge gaps in people’s understanding of healthcare in the U.S.

Nearly one-third (32 percent) don’t feel informed about how the American healthcare system works.

While many felt confident they could explain terms such as preventative care (53 percent) and out-of-pocket (OOP) limit or maximum OOP (48 percent) to others, respondents were less sure they knew the difference between an FSA and HSA (36 percent) and what an FSA is (35 percent).

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