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Make Your Merchandising Interactive

Nov. 30, 2016

Michael A. Kling, OD, owner of Invision Optometry in San Diego, Calif., recently installed an interactive merchandising system that elevates the shopping experience in his optical. A series of screens enables patients to learn brand stories and take photos as they try on various frames. Then they can e-mail images of their selections to friends and family and upload them to social media.


EMBRACE INTERACTIVITY IN A MOBILE WORLD. Today, patients use phones and tablets to compare products and pricing of optical products. Embrace the interactive shopping experience with in-optical screens that make it easy for patients to digitally share how they look in various frames as they shop.

OFFER VIRTUAL TRY-ON. Elevate the shopping experience with virtual try-on that lets patients see how frames look on them from all angles. Further, let patients easily share photos of their selections by email and post them to Facebook and Instagram.

SET YOUR DISPLAYS IN MOTION. Upgrade to digital screens with eye-catching motion. This immediately captures the attention of patients as they browse, and the screens convey brand stories with engaging visuals. 

SEND A CUTTING-EDGE MESSAGE. Use of advanced display and interactive technology tells patients that your practice is on the cutting-edge. It shows you are willing to invest in technology to make the patient experience the best it can be.

Michael A. Kling, OD, owns Invision Optometry in San Diego, Calif. To contact him:

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