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How One Practice Increased Online Reviews 75% & Grew Optical Revenue by Over 30%

The front desk at Highpoint Family Vision. Practice owner, Kinsey Honeyman, OD, says ADO Practice Solutions has provided significant advantages in growing profitability.

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By Margery Weinstein
Review of Optometric Business

May 25, 2022

Independent practice owners need every advantage. Anything that helps them offer better services to patients, while becoming more efficient and profitable, is much appreciated.

Here are the details on a resource, ADO Practice Solutions, that greatly bolstered one practice, enabling its doctors to better serve their community while becoming financially stronger.

Access to a Proactive Team, Designated to Your Practice
For Kinsey Honeyman, OD, co-owner, along with her husband, Dustin Honeyman, OD, of Highpoint Family Vision, invaluable resources came in the form of becoming an ADO ACCELERATE member, which is the growth-focused member level at ADO Practice Solutions.

Kinsey Honeyman, OD, and her husband and practice partner, Dustin Honeyman, OD

“Being an ADO ACCELERATE member means you have access to resources and a dedicated team beyond the doors of your practice across multiple areas. I view my ADO team as an extension of our practice staff, but for a fraction of the price of keeping those responsibilities in-house,” says Dr. Honeyman.

Dr. Honeyman says ADO Practice Solutions and the DONE4YOU® Marketing team helped the practice immensely with branding, marketing content, recall systems, as well as industry discounts and consolidated billing. She says they joined ADO Practice Solutions, ADO ACCELERATE membership level, because it offered a streamlined, efficient and affordable way to improve and grow the practice.

“I knew my marketing could use an overhaul. I managed our social media and developed in-house promotions myself as my schedule allowed, which was inconsistent and unrefined,” Dr. Honeyman explains. “I wanted to put a marketing team of professionals in place to create consistent branding and marketing content, both online and offline, to grow our practice.”

Measurable Results that Show This is an Invaluable Resource
Highpoint Family Vision signed on with ADO Practice Solutions, ADO ACCELERATE membership level, in September 2019, and were able to increase online reviews by over 75 percent with review cards and recommended changes to its use of Solutionreach.

Dr. Honeyman reports that in 2021, the practice had 19.6 percent growth in average overall revenue with its biggest growth coming from optical revenue increases (30.25 percent optical growth). “We saw an increase in both second-pair sales and sales of sunglasses, which were targeted in our quarterly promotions,” she says.

Streamlined, More Effective Practice Operations
The practice’s operations are more streamlined and efficient now, thanks to ADO and the DONE4YOU Marketing team, Dr. Honeyman points out. “We feel like we’ve gotten more than we expected! Our practice management is more streamlined than ever before with much less effort from me. It’s refreshing to know your practice is growing with the right marketing strategies in place without having to spend inordinate amounts of time on it yourself,” she says.

The staff at Highpoint Family Vision also benefit from the practice’s ADO partnership. Dr. Honeyman says the practice team appreciates the consolidated billing for reconciling statements, and that everything is now on auto-pay. “Our redesigned website added functionality like online contact lens ordering, online bill pay and online appointment scheduling, which makes our operations more efficient for them. I would estimate they save several hours per month, which they can devote back to patient care without feeling pulled in too many directions,” she says.

Full Service Marketing Management & Fulfillment
In addition to the tremendous advantages of becoming an ADO Practice Solutions member, Dr. Honeyman says the practice has seen impressive gains from its use of ADO’s DONE4YOU Marketing service. This service gives her practice the flexibility to use it as much or as little as desired with no contracts required. That means the practice can adjust its marketing budget whenever needed.

The practice has a designated DONE4YOU Marketing Manager who works directly with the doctors and support staff to make sure they have everything needed to educate their community about the practice, so they are primed for growth.

Dr. Honeyman says her DONE4YOU Marketing Manager, Daryn, proactively manages the practice’s website, social media platforms, Solutionreach account and Google Ads. Daryn’s team creates quarterly campaigns, which Dr. Honeyman selects and adjusts as needed. “DONE4YOU gives you the autonomy to have any level of oversight you desire in content creation,” she says.

DONE4YOU Marketing also developed branded pieces for the practice including custom mugs, dispensing bags, kid stickers, coloring pages and patient lifestyle questionnaires. “It’s as simple as an e-mail to Daryn and she puts everything we need together for us. I used to have many ideas, but they rarely got implemented because there was always something else that came first. I love that DONE4YOU also will come to me with new marketing ideas based on our specific practice goals,” Dr. Honeyman emphasizes.

Another great help to the practice has been the “Quarterly & Year in Review,” which Daryn puts together to highlight the practice’s ROI on an ongoing basis. For example, Dr. Honeyman shares that the practice’s total marketing investment in Q4 2021 (direct mail, internal materials and social media paid advertising) produced an ROI of at least $50,000 based on who received mailers and then made an appointment in that time period.

Reclaim Your Time
The impressive impact ADO Practice Solutions and DONE4YOU Marketing has had on the practice is accompanied by a huge amount of time Dr. Honeyman has reclaimed.

“ADO Practice Solutions and DONE4YOU Marketing save me practice management time. I estimate I save 4-5 hours per week, thanks to their help. I am a busy mom and practice owner. I used to spend time with my kids and stress about what I should be doing for the practice and vice versa,” she says. “I wasn’t able to give 100 percent to everything all the time. DONE4YOU Marketing took a lot off my plate, so I could confidently spend my time elsewhere without feeling like I was coming up short.”

ADO Practice Solutions and DONE4YOU Marketing give Dr. Honeyman the power to grow her practice’s reach and profitability while preserving her time and energy as practice owner. These are game-changing resources for the practice.

Margery Weinstein is editor-in-chief of Review of Optometric Business. You can contact her at:

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