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Top Ways a Practice Owner Can Learn from a New Associate

August 30, 2017

Eric White, OD, of Complete Family Eyecare Optometry in San Diego, believes that mature ODs should add associate ODs with the goal of both mentoring and learning from a new hire. A younger OD can bring enhanced training in medical optometry and contribute high energy and new ideas that can revitalize and grow an established practice.

GAIN NEW IDEAS & KNOW-HOW. Younger ODs often are more comfortable with the online world, new instrumentation and new ways of approaching medical eyecare. They can help you advance in these areas.

BRING IN NEW PATIENTS. Younger people gravitate toward younger doctors. A young associate may pull in a younger group of patients that otherwise may not have been interested in giving your practice a chance.

GET TO KNOW MILLENNIALS. Millennials are the largest population segment. What better way to understand how to tailor a practice to suit their needs than by adding one of their own as an associate?


Eric M. White, OD
, owns Complete Family Vision Care Optometry  in San Diego, Calif. Contact him:



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