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Generations in Practice: Scaling Up But Staying Personal

June 8, 2016

Jeffrey Williams, Sr., OD, Jeffrey Williams, Jr., OD, and Massala Reffell, OD, have transformed a solo-OD practice into a full-service, multi-office practice. While the  management challenges have grown with scale, these three ODs remain focused on a consistent goal: delivering excellence in personalized care and achieving professional fulfillment. >>READ .


EXPAND LOCATIONS AND SERVICES. Expansion is generally thought of as adding locations. But expanding into providing additional optometric services with the knowledge and instrumentation required to provide it, is also a route to practice growth.  

PREPARE FOR UNEXPECTED. Plan who will step into your role as doctor and practice leader if you become ill, or are otherwise incapacitated.

CREATE A LONG-TERM EXIT STRATEGY. Recruit doctors who can incrementally purchase shares of the practice, and eventually your remaining shares.

INCREASE DELEGATION. Provide a guiding hand to new ODs who are buying in, then slowly turn over the reins of practice operations to them.

GIVE BACK. Participating in medical missions can reinvigorate your love of optometry by reminding you of why you chose the profession.

KEEP IT PERSONAL. As your practice grows, continue to treat each patient as an individual, listening intently and meeting their unique needs.


Jeffrey Williams, Sr., OD,  is a partner with Sound Vision Care in Riverhead, New York. 

Jeffrey Williams, Jr., OD, is a partner with Sound Vision Care in Riverhead, New York. 

Massala Reffell, OD, is an associate with Sound Vision Care in Riverhead, New York. 

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