Competing with Online Retailers: Strategies & Best Practices


Online retailers, such as Warby Parker and Hubble, pose a significant challenge to independent practices, but one that’s not insurmountable. Here are tips from Review of Optometric Business contributors, who are finding ways to keep up, and even surpass, online competitors.

How to Use Social Media to Promote Vision Therapy
Social media is where many of your patients spend vast amounts of personal time. You can leverage posts to sites like Facebook and Instagram to market to them where they already are, rather than hoping they open promotional e-mails or postal mail messages. Here’s how to do that. >>READ MORE>>

3 Ways to Compete with Optical Chains & Online Retail
Your practice can profitably thrive–even with increased competition from optical chains and online retailers. Here are a few ways one doctor has successfully taken on “the disrupters.” >>READ MORE>>

3 Practice Adaptions to Successfully Compete with Online Retail
The growth of online retail requires that independent practices innovate and adapt. Here are three adaptions one practice has made over the last five years. <<READ MORE>>

3 Ways I Hubble-Proof My Practice
Hubble, an online subscription service for daily disposable contact lenses, is being widely marketed to your patients. Here are a few ways one doctor is successfully fighting back. >>READ MORE>>

Beating Online Retailers: 5 Lessons to Learn from ODs in Other Countries
A debate rages among U.S. optometrists over telehealth, remote Rx checks and greater access to health care and optical goods, such as contact lenses. Here are five cues we should consider taking from other countries in how we provide access to care and optical products. <<READ MORE>>

Top Ways to Better Compete With Online Retailers & Chains

Thriving as an independent practice can be daunting, with competition from both online retailers and large chain-stores. Fortunately, there are strategies you can employ to make it more of a fair fight, and even win. Here are three strategies to try. <<READ MORE>>

How to Hubble-Proof Your Contact Lens Practice
Hubble clearly presents their value statement–and independent ODs who specialize in contact lens services are challenged to be clear in presenting ours, as well. Here’s how to do that. >>READ MORE>>

Bring Patients Back to Your Practice with Prime Nexus
Effective recall is essential to any practice—ensuring that patients return for your care and prescriptions. Here’s how a patient relationship management system can help you keep patients from moving to online retailers. >>READ MORE>>

How to Beat Online Retailers By Selling Custom, Premium Glasses
Custom visual solutions from premium spectacle lenses is a practice differentiator. Here’s how it can set you apart from both online and optical chain retailers. >>READ MORE>>

SR Conversations: The Power to Communicate by Text with Patients
Most of your patients are avid about text messaging, choosing that mode of communication with friends, and even some of the businesses they patron. Here’s technology that enables you communicate with patients via text messages. >>READ MORE>>

What Amazon Can Teach ODs About Retailing
Ed King, a retail expert and co-founder of High Street, a Retail Experience Collective, urges ECPs to study how Amazon makes shopping “frictionless” and then apply learnings to optical retailing. Here is a clip from VM’s “Minding the Store,” event held at Vision Expo West 2017. <<READ MORE>>

5 Ways to Compete with Low-Cost Retailers
With so many options to buy eyewear inexpensively online, and from large corporate-owned chains, an independent is hard-pressed to compete on price. Here are ideas for other ways to compete. <<READ MORE>>

Hubble: 4 Conversations to Have With Patients
Hubble is being marketed as a low-cost way to get daily disposable contact lenses. Here are  key conversations to have with your patients about the value of the products and services you provide.>>READ MORE>>

Do Warby Parker & Hubble Have a Point?
In recent years, several emerging vendors of optical goods have launched consumer advertising campaigns with claims that they deeply undercut the artificially high prices maintained by the optical industry establishment. Here’s why they may be onto something, and how independent practices should respond. >>READ MORE>>

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