Staff Management

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    No-Stress Teambuilding: Nurture a More Effective Staff

    By Cheryl G. Murphy, ODRock climbing, rowing, relay races and cracking the codes of riddles are good team-building exercises. But for the...

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    Appointment Book Sabotage: Is Your Staff Booking Fake Patients?

    By Cheryl G. Murphy, ODIs your staff booking fake patients? Know the signs and responses to deal with this all-too-common optometric employee...

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    Staff Retreats: Focus on Goals to Enhance Patient Care and Revenues

    By Ken Krivacic, OD, MBAStaff retreats are vital for goal-setting—and can elevate the level of staff performance. Take the time, do it...

  • 3.9K

    MBA Staff Management Survey: Key Findings and Your Action Plan

    By Carole Burns, OD, FCOVD, and Mark Wright, OD, FCOVDStaff management—especially hiring-- is one of the most challenging tasks for practice owners....

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    Off-Site Retreats: Tune-Up Your Practice Performance

    By Amir Khoshnevis, ODAn off-site executive or staff retreat can sharpen your practice's focus. Here are the elements to make it work.

  • 2.7K

    Staff Retreats: Teambuilding and Talent Enhancement Tool

    By Mike Rothschild, ODA purposeful, well organized staff retreat can offer teambuilding and important planning for a more profitable future. An upcoming...

  • 3.1K

    On a Mission: Craft a Mission Statement to Reach Practice Goals

    By Thomas F. SteinerAn effective mission statement will guide your practice on the path to profitability.

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    Put Me In, Coach: How Professional Coaching Can Make You a Winning Team

    By Kristen Bentley, OD, CPCCProfessional coaching can motivate both you and your staff. How coaching services can pay off big time.

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    Encourage Positivity: Re-Focus or Eliminate Negative Employees

    By Rachael Click, ODEmployees with a positive attitude create an office with a positive vibe--which patients respond to. Encourage an upbeat staff,...

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    Can a Business Recover from Bedbugs? Yes–with an Effective Staff Response

    By Brian Chou, OD, FAAOIt's not a mistake that sinks you with patients; It's a staff that doesn't know service recovery. Here’s...

  • Innovative Thinking: Five Mindset Changes To Make Growth Happen

    By D. Penn Moody, ODFor independent optometrists to survive and flourish, we need to overcome antiquated thinking. Here are five mindset changes...

  • 2.8K

    Your Staff: Top Source of New Ideas for Improvement

    By Laurie L. Sorrenson, OD, FAAOYour staff is a wellspring of new ideas, so solicit their ideas with a staff survey. Then...

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    Staffing Matrix: Cross-Train for Versatility

    By Rachael Click, ODCreate a staffing matrix in which employees easily can move into other job roles. This enables even a small...

  • 2.5K

    Train Employees to Provide Consistently Superior Service

    By Elaine Happ, OD, and Melonie Carlson, CPOAHire employees according to baseline qualifications, then train them to maximize their potential. This pays off...

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    Recharge Staff with Job Role Re-Organization

    By Rachael Click, ODSwitching job roles can re-energize your staff and enhance service to patients. Consider transitioning one employee into a different...

  • 3.1K

    Associate Acumen: Prepare Well When Adding a Doctor

    By Gina M. Wesley, OD, MS, FAAOBefore adding an associate, calculate your scheduling wait time and space requirements—then compute the additional services...

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    Optometric Alliances: A Primary OD and Staff Education Tool

    By Edwin Liu, ODOptometric alliances are now leading sources of OD and staff education. Joining an alliance—and accessing their educational resources—can lead...

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    Executive Review: Assess and Improve Practice Performance

    By Rachael Click, ODCollaborate with staff to assess practice achievements and shortcomings, and plan staff and doctor performance improvements for the next...

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    Implement Long-Lasting Change–with the Right Management Approach

    By Laurie L. Sorrenson, OD, FAAOFor long-lasting, positive change, have staff members embrace new ways of serving patients and new business processes.

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    Ramp Up Staff Education by Inviting Reps to Staff Meetings

    By Rachael Click, ODAccess a powerful--and free--staff education resource: invite frame and lens representatives and other business partners to join staff meetings...

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    Take Your Practice to Optometric Conferences–and Make it Pay Off

    By Rajeev Raghu, OD, FAAOTaking your whole staff to optometric conferences is costly, but the gains can be great. The key: Plan...

  • Staff Performance Booster Shots: Continuously Evaluate Progress and Review Annually

    By Larry Golson, ODOffer a thorough orientation for new hires. When your entire staff focuses on educating a new employee, it pays...

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    Micromanagement Tamer: Know Your Personality

    By Laurie I. Sorrenson, OD, FAAOThe first step in avoiding micro-managing employees: Assess your own personality and management tendencies.

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    Become Practice CEO: Create an Office that Runs Without You

    By Justin Bazan, ODCreate protocols for an office that operates efficiently whether you are on site or not. With technology, you can...

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    Deliver Great Service with Staff Policies Based on Your Mission Statement

    By April Jasper, OD, FAAOCreate and enforce staff policies that enhance the patient experience. To make it work, involve staff in the...

  • Make Your Office Harassment-Free: The How-To’s

    By Pamela Miller, OD, JDCreate a respectful office environment—and protect your practice from legal entanglements—by understanding harassment law and educating your staff...

  • 2.2K

    Update Your Optometric Skills–and Revive Your Professional Passion

    By Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAOKeep your skills current to best serve your patients and practice—and stay excited about practicing optometry.

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