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4 Ways My EHR & Practice Management Software Makes My Practice More Profitable

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By Matt Stanley, OD

Oct. 30, 2019


Making the switch to Uprise has benefited my practice in many different ways. Since starting with the software over three years ago, I’ve been able to increase the number of appointments I schedule each day, eliminate the stress and time of managing claims in-house, easily get new staff up to speed with the system, and ultimately make more money. Here are a few reasons I was able to make this happen.

Workflow is Faster
The software has affected my workflow and financial goals in many ways. From a workflow standpoint, every single part of the process is faster. And from a financial or practice goal perspective, I’m able to see more patients each day.

Uprise comes embedded with a suite of tools including patient recall and reminders, frame catalogs, video-based patient education, code verification, e-prescribing, and a patient portal that allow me to eliminate the need to maintain and pay for additional third-party integrations.

Option to Bundle with Revenue Cycle Management Services
I decided to bundle Uprise with VisionWeb’s Revenue Cycle Management services because incidentally I was doing the billing for all our claims myself. When I considered what I wanted for my practice long-term, I realized as the doctor I shouldn’t be spending my time on billing. Outsourcing our claim filing allowed me to spend more time focused on patient care, and better yet, we were able to collect more on our reimbursements, faster.

VisionWeb’s Revenue Cycle Management service can file both medical and vision claims, and they only charge on a percentage of total paid claims, rather than billed claims like many similar billing services.

Easy Learning for New Staff
Both the implementation and training with the new software went very smoothly. Living in both a college and military base town, we’ve had to manage a lot of staff turnover. So, having a software system that is simple to learn is key for onboarding new employees in the office. You’re able to see pretty quickly if the software is in fact intuitive and easy to use when you have to onboard several new staff to the system.

Streamlined Charting
I already mentioned how the system helped speed up all aspects of the patient workflow, but for me as the OD, Uprise has made charting in the exam room quick and easy.

Documentation of exam findings, assessments, treatment plans and referrals are done in many fewer clicks and in much less time than before. Another big benefit is that the system is completely cloud-based, which makes it simple for me to access charts from home or on the go. It also requires no maintenance on my end to manage servers or make updates to the system – that’s all handled by the Uprise team.

Learn more about Uprise and see if it’s the right solution to take your practice to the next level.


Matt Stanley, OD
, is the owner of Eye Care Associates of Manhattan, P.A. in Manhattan, Kan.

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