ROB Power Packs 2016: OPTICAL

Dec. 21, 2016

Sixty percent of the typical optometrist’s revenues come from optical sales. Five ROB contributors show how you can make this important sector of the practice even more profitable.

Increase Frame Sales with Simple Three-Tier Pricing

By Chad Fleming, OD, FAAO

We have adopted a three-tiered frame pricing strategy and have found it effective: simple to inventory and present to patients. And it offers comfort and clarity for our patients, who find their price point category and shop there.

Limit Frame Vendors to Boost Profits

By Linda Hardy, LDO, CPOT, COA

As an optician for the last 20 years, I’ve noticed that most optical dispensaries have many more frames than they need. Opticals tend to display more frames than patients require, and this limits profitability. Opticals often can increase profits by streamlining vendors and the number of frames. >>READ MORE>>

Differentiate Your Practice with Private Label Frames

By Justin Bazan, OD,

and Yasmin Johnson, Optician

With online retailers and corporate chains advertising low-priced eyewear, it helps to have a unique line of eyewear that bears your practice name. My practice has invested in a line of private label frames, in which our practice name is printed on the temple, so that patients know they got it from us. >>READ MORE>>

Seven Steps to Succeed with Independent-Brand Frames

By Maria Higgins, OD

I was the owner of Unique Optique in the vibrant downtown of Frederick, Md., for four-and-a-half years, and one of the ways I differentiated my practice was by selling only independent-brand frames. I defined “independent” as owned by someone I could easily call and talk to. One person, or a few people, owned the lines I sold. >>READ MORE>>

Key Into Lifestyles and Boost Sports Sunwear Sales

By Lina T. Arango, OD

Providing the right sports eyewear to my patients is important because I share a love of athletics with these patients, and because many athletes still don’t understand the benefits of eyewear tailored especially for their sport, and the importance of protecting their eyes from the sun.

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