ROB Power Packs 2016: MARKETING

Dec. 21, 2016

Powerful marketing can take your practice from afterthought to the top of patient minds, and a standout for prospective patients looking for a new eye doctor.

Four Ways to Prime Your Practice for Growth

By Kelly MacDonald, OD

My five-doctor practice in Nashua, N.H., which I joined 14 years ago, is in a constant, upward state of evolution. As one of the newer doctors on staff, my colleagues and I are always looking for ways to build on the foundation we inherited, including becoming more patient-centered, and increasing our focus on preventative eyecare and wellness. We have a four-step plan for taking our practice into the future. >>READ MORE>>

Create Memorable Practice Events

By Maria Higgins, OD

In your practice growth plan, creating a community-based event that shows patients, and prospective patients, the spirit of your practice and the optical goods you sell can be a powerful practice builder. I now consult full-time to optometric practices, but for many years I owned Unique Optique in the vibrant downtown of Frederick, Md., and we had great success with five types of community-based events that brought in new patients and eyewear sales and also improved my visibility with local residents. >>READ MORE>&

Install a Referral System–and Track Your Growth

By Beverly Jue-Smith, OD, MBA

We started our practice cold 28 years ago. We started with the referral of our very first patient by a friend of a friend. Since then, we have always placed a high value on referrals. I believe it is the best way to bring in patients who are most likely to be loyal over time. We make a concerted effort to treat each patient like our only patient and try to make everyone feel like family.  >>READ MORE>>

Four Ways to Build Trust with Hispanic Patients

By Agustin Gonzalez, OD

If you want to attract Hispanic patients you have to understand how to make this growing segment of the population trust you. Because of the work we do, physicians usually know how to talk to a mother, or an elderly patient. This set of communication skills should be amplified when working with Hispanic patients.  >>READ MORE>>

Recharge Your Patient Recall System

By Scott Huffer, OD, FAAO

We want to ensure patients return annually for a comprehensive exam, and that those with conditions requiring follow-up receive the care they need. Recent changes we made to our recall system have benefited patients and boosted our practice profitability. The changes we made this year to our recall system, including investing in an outsourced patient reactivation service, will add up to as much as $144,000 annually in additional revenues. >>READ MORE>>

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