ROB Power Packs 2015: Optical

Your optical faces steep competition from other local ODs and optical shops, the optical super-chains and online retailers. Here is how five contributors are finding new streams of optical revenue and spurring sales.

Eight Steps to Profit in a Sports Vision Specialty

By Alan Berman, OD

Keys to Success

EXPAND SERVICES. Sports vision ranges from offering a few pairs of sport-specific sunwear to providing sports vision therapy to improve performance.

BUDGET. You could spend a little as around $300 for basic sports-vision screening tests to $50,000+ on advanced sports testing and vision therapy equipment.

MARKET. Take a multi-channel approach: use web site and social media pages, in-office posters and brochures, and speak on sports vision in your community


Embrace Online Eyewear–but Capture In-House Sales

By Gina M. Wesley, OD, MS, FAAO

Keys to Success

OFFER MORE OPTIONS. Let patients know they can browse and try on eyewear–virtually.

ADD INVENTORY WITHOUT COST. Greatly expand your inventory with online offerings.

PROMOTE. Appear on local media, then promote that with social media, web site.


Optical Sales Booster: Know When to Use the Hard Sell vs. Soft Sell

Keys to Success

STRATEGIZE THE BEST APPROACH. Hard sell can be used when there is a strong medical eyecare or practical argument for purchase. Soft sell is for nice-to-have, rather than need-to-have items.

KEY INTO OPTICAL SALES PATTERNS. Work with office manager or lead optician to note sales patterns, and when one or the other of these sales approaches should be used more.

WORK OUT A DEFAULT APPROACH. In small, more laid-back communities, a soft sell approach may work better in most cases than the hard sell approach. In busier, urban settings, more frequent use of the hard sell may be best.


Adaptive Lenses: Tips to Increase Capture Rate

By Rohit Sharma, OD

Keys to Success

PRESCRIBE FROM CHAIR. Explain the multiple benefits of Transitions: medical, visual, eye health and comfort.

REINFORCE MESSAGE IN HANDOFF. Introduce patient to optician, reiterating benefits of Transitions.

DEMONSTRATE BENEFITS. Have a plano pair of glasses with Transitions for patients to try on in the optical.


Master the Optical Handoff, Capture Sales & Create Satisfied Patients

By Robert L. Bass, OD, FAAO

Keys to Success

DEFINE YOUR HANDOFF. Set protocols for a seamless connection from exam room to optical

PRE-SET PATIENT FOR SALES. Prescribe specific optical products from the exam room, and describe their benefits to patients.

TALK SPECIFIC BRANDS. Show patients the eyewear and lens brands that you, personally, are wearing.

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