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Optical Design: Show Products in their Best Light

August 19, 2015

Andrew Fader, director of design atEye Designs, showshow new options in display lighting design can make a remarkable difference in the visual appeal of optical products—and be a practice differentiator.

First in the ROB video series, Principles of Optical Design.

LED Lighting Makes the Difference
Show Frames in Their Best Light

New lighting options can transform your optical into a more attractive and effective selling environment, according to Andrew Faderof Eye Designs.The standard incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs are giving way to brighter, crisperLED lighting thatshowcasesyour frames the way the manufacturer intended them to be seen.

Fader shows how a frame that looks dull and featureless under halogen lighting really pops under LED lighting. This givesyour optical a competitive advantage over other retailers who showcase the same frame under less optimal conditions.

LED lighting is brighter, and offers a neutral backdrop for the frames on your board. It also throws off less heat than halogen bulbs, allowing you to reduce your office’s energy footprint by as much as 33 percent.

People are energized walking into a brightly lit space, which also will appear cleaner than it would under halogen lighting, as LED lighting picks up less dust.

LED lighting is more expensive in the short-term, but a cost-saver in the long-term, lasting five times longer than a traditional bulb.

A well lit optical shows your products off in their best and truest light, motivating patients to make a purchase.

Andrew Fader isdirector of design atEye Designs. To reach him: http://www.eyedesigns.com/contact.html

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