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ODs Play a Critical Role in Genetic Eye Disease Treatment

Dec. 14, 2016

Optometrists play a critical role in the research and treatment of genetic eye diseases in children the world over, says Samuel A. Hardage, chairman of The Vision of Children Foundation. An expanding OD partnership program offers a framework to become involved in this exciting field.

ODs’ Role in Genetic Eye Disease Research
Participate in Partnership


EDUCATE YOURSELF ON RESEARCH. An organization like the Vision of Children Foundation can offer you cutting-edge research to familiarize yourself with genetic eye disease.

IDENTIFY GENETIC DISORDERS. Optimize your role on the front line of eyecare in identifying possible genetic disorders.

PROVIDE VISION SOLUTIONS. Work with children with genetic disorders to enhance the quality of their vision with refractive solutions.

SEND TO GENETIC EYE DISEASE SPECIALISTS. Send patients to genetic specialists when a genetic disorder is suspected.

SEND TO LOW VISION SPECIALISTS. Enhance quality of life for children with genetic vision disorders by sending to low vision specialists who can find ways of maximizing their functional vision.

INSPIRE STAFF & PATIENTS. Motivate staff, and impress patients, by telling them of your work with genetic researchers to find cures for genetic vision disorders. 

Samuel A. Hardage is chairman of the Vision of Children Foundation. To contact him: Sam@thehardagegroup.com.

Emily Coring is director of development for the foundation. To contact her: Emily@visionofchildren.org.

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