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Millennials: Presenting Optical Products & Services

August 26, 2015

Andrew Karp, group editor, VM and 20/20, and Mark Mattison-Shupnick, editor,20/20 Opticians Handbook, describe how best to accommodate the needs of Millennial patients. Technologically advanced products, that fulfill highly individualized needs, are increasingly important. Tap into this opportunity by offering products like single-vision digital custom lenses, blue-light blocking lenses, electronic eyewear, polarized photochromatic lenses and plano sunwear.

Accommodate Changing Needs & Values
Help Millennials See the Light:
Plano Sun & Photochromatic Lenses

The Millennial generation, born between 1980 and 1995, want their individual needs accommodated with products like custom single-vision digital lenses, and blue light-blocking lenses that relieve digital eye strain, but they also want to purchase these products from socially responsible companies.

As your practice provides Millennials with personalized digital eyewear, also think about ways you can show these younger patients how your practice is giving back to your community.

You have the opportunity to give younger patients products that help them better (and more safely) use digital devices, and work more comfortably on their computer at the office, while letting them know you are a responsible company with deep roots in your local community.

Millennials love their contact lenses, but they also love the style of sunwear like mirror sunglasses, and other trendy looks. Photochromatic lenses, like those offered by Transitions, can also meet Millennial needs, adapting to all the activities and conditions they confront throughout their day.

Polarized photochromatic eyewear can serve as ideal drive wear, and ECPs also have an opportunity to provide sport sunwear tailored for the specific needs of Millennials’ favorite activities.

The younger generation also loves new technology. Including an electronic eyewear display in your optical is one way to tap into the desire of Millennials for the latest and greatest technology. They may not come into your optical to buy electronic eyewear, but they may stop by to take a look at these products. Once there, you have the chance to educate them about other products, like the premium sunwear and polarized photochromatic lenses, you sell.

Andrew Karp, is group editor, Lenses & Technology, for 20/20 and Vision Monday. To contact him: akarp@jobson.com

Mark Mattison-Shupnick, ABOM, BS, is editor of 20/20 Opticians Handbook. To reach him: mmattisonshupnick@jobson.com

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