The Optometric Minute

Managed Vision Care is a Gateway to Opportunity

Feb. 15, 2017

Matthew R. Alpert, OD, sees managed vision care as an opportunity, not a limitation. Managed vision care plans provide his two-location practice with a steady stream of patients—then it’s up to him and his staff, he says, to meet their full slate of eyecare and vision correction needs.


RECOGNIZE OPPORTUNITY. Participating in managed vision care plans directs patients into your office. Instead of viewing these patients as limited to what their plan offers, embrace the opportunity to provide the full range of optometric services you offer, from refraction to medical eyecare and optical goods.

GROW YOUR MEDICAL SERVICES. Patients who might otherwise not find you are directed  into your office from managed vision care plans. This provides a prime oppportunity to educate them in the medical eyecare and treatments you provide.

ADD FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Measure the value of managed care patients over time. If you can establish value in your doctor-patient relationship, these patients refer numerous friends and family.



Matthew R. Alpert, OD, is the owner of Alpert Vision Care, in Woodland Hills, Calif., and Wink Optometry in Calabasas, Calif. To contact him:




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