The Optometric Minute

Discuss Eyewear in Fashion Terms

Oct. 19, 2016

Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD, talks to patients about their “eyewear wardrobe.” Multiple pairs of eyewear and contact lenses should be thought of just as multiple fashion items and accessories are needed to meet lifestyle needs and fully express a personal style.


SPEAK IN TERMS OF “FASHION” & “WARDROBE.” In addition to a discussion of the patient’s vision and eye health needs, discuss the role eyewear and contact lenses can have in the patient’s fashion and wardrobe options. Point out the variety of frame designs available for different looks, and the many contact lens options available to enhance or change eye color. 

PRESCRIBE PERFORMANCE & FASHION SUNWEAR. Explain the importance of patients protecting their eyes from the harmful impact of the sun. Talk about a sunwear wardrobe for specific sports and activities, as well as fashion sun wear. As with shoes and purses, it takes multiples to meet all needs. 

DISCUSS DIGITAL DEVICE USE. Ask patients how many computers they have on their desk at work, and how many hours they spend working on those computers. Ask also if they use computers mostly while sitting or standing. Alsk how many hours the patient uses smartphones and tablets, and whether they are experiencing symptoms of digital eye fatigue. Point out multiple eyewear for different ways the patient uses digital devices.

ENHANCE BOND BETWEEN DOCTOR & PATIENT. Discussing lifestyle and “wardrobe” needs lets the patient know they can count on you to care for their eye health and vision in all of your life situations.

Bridgitte Shen Lee, OD, co-owns Vision Optique in Houston, Texas. To contact her:

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