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Choosing the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor makes all the difference in the world in the course of an office renovation or build-out, say Barbara Wright and Patti Lynn Sharp of Barbara Wright Design. Select a contractor with commercial (not just residential) experience, so they know the codes and requirements of a public office space. Further, they must have commercial contacts among material suppliers to ensure that needed components arrive on time and to proper specs. A detailed bid is also a telltale sign of an experienced contractor who has seen the ups and downs that arise in the building process. Finally, don’t go it alone. Let your contractor handle the sub-contractors–and let your designer help you to ensure that your contractor delivers as promised. A three-video series.


HIRE A COMMERCIAL CONTRACTOR. Residential builders don’t know about commercial codes and don’t have relationships with commercial material suppliers.
INSIST ON A DETAILED BID. Don’t jump at the lowest bid; the meticulously done bid reflects experience and accountability.
PUT YOUR DESIGNER ON YOUR TEAM. Don’t get caught alone in the construction wilderness; your designer can guide you through the rough terrain.

Choosing a Contractor

Check Out Reputation,
Insist on Detailed Bid

Client, Contractor and
Designer Are a Team

Barbara Wright is president of Barbara Wright Design in Smyrna, Tenn. To contact her: info@bwdesign.info

Patti Lynn Sharp is senior designer at Barbara Wright Design. To contact her: design@bwdesign.info.

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