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Build Profits with The Great Game of Business

Nov. 9, 2016

Bethany Fishbein, OD, and Jonathan Fishbein, OD, engage staff in playing the The Great Game of Business. Staff members track performance metrics and create “mini-games” with rewards for meeting growth goals. The games build teamwork and drive profits.

Let Your Practice Flourish with The Great Game of Business
Engage Your Staff in Creating Mini-Games



ASSIGN OWNERSHIP. Assign each staff member to track a specific practice metric tied to profitability.

TRACK FREQUENTLY. Track monthly, or even weekly or daily.

ENCOURAGE STAFF TO BE PROACTIVE. Encourage staff to also set games, or goals, the whole staff can work toward.

SET REWARDS. Examples include paid time off, complimentary lunches or field boxes to local baseball teams in exchange for meeting goals related to seeing patients for follow-up glaucoma testing.

INVOLVE STAFF IN COMMUNITY EVENTS. Have staff participate in community events like health fairs. Support staff often are even more recognizable to patients than the doctors, so they can help spread engagement with your practice throughout the community.


CREATE MINI-GAMES. Work with staff to create games that reach practice-wide goals like keeping your appointment schedule at least a certain percentage, like 85 percent, full.

TIE GAMES TO POPULAR TV SHOWS. Games like “Game of Times” can help the practice keep time from check-in to seeing the doctor to 30 minutes or less.

TIE TO OPTICAL GOALS. Use games such as the Rainbow Race to encourage opticians to educate every patient on ultra-violet radiation protection with Transitions, sun clip-ons or sunglasses.

HELP STAFF UNDERSTAND YOUR DECISIONS. For instance, when moving to a new practice, share metrics with patients so they understand how much in revenue needs to be taken in so that the practice is making more money than it is spending.

Bethany Fishbein, OD, and Jonathan Fishbein, OD are the owners of Somerset Eye Care in North Brunswick, N.J.

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