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Build Multiple Sales with Deluxe Eyeglass Cases

Dec. 7, 2016

Barry E. Santini, ABOM, master optician at Long Island Opticians, in Seaford, N.Y., utilizes deluxe eyewear cases to make multiple sales and build value with customers. Multi-pair travel cases help customers to build an “eyewear wardrobe” that goes with them on vacations, business trips and to second homes.


OFFER CHOICE OF SLIM, LIGHTWEIGHT CASES. Manufacturer cases are bulky and don’t easy fit in womens’ handbags. Offer customers a slim, lightweight alternative case, in a color that resonates with them. 

GIVE AWAY COMPLIMENTARY CASES WITH HIGH-END PURCHASES. Give a handsome case as a gift to patients who buy a high-end pair of eyewear, or multiple pairs. This adds value to their experience in your office. Delighted customers send in friends asking for the unique cases you offer, 

SOLVE TRAVEL CHALLENGE. Offer cases that can hold four, or more, pairs of eyewear to make travel easy. This encourages customers to show off their eyewear wardrobe, making eyewear a portable fashion accessory, wherever they travel. 

SELL EYEWEAR WARDROBE CASES. A vinyl travel case the sells for $60, and can hold up to eight pairs, is ideal for patients with a second home. Explain that they don’t need to buy duplicates of their eyewear. For the home, a handsome, piano-finish wood case can hold up to 24 pairs for the serious eyewear collector. 

OFFER EYEWEAR CADDIES AS A THANK YOU. When a patient refers a friend or family member, send them a thank-you note, along with an eyewear caddy that can hold their glasses on their bedside table or desk. This prevents the common accident of knocking glasses off the table and stepping on them. The gesture pays off handsomely in repeat sales and referrals. 

Barry Santini, ABOM, a master optician, is co-owner of Long Island Opticians in Seaford, N.Y. He recently was named Optician of the Year by the Society to Advance Opticianry. To contact him: besantini@optonline.net.

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