The Optometric Minute

Big Changes = Big Practice-Building Opportunities

August 31, 2016

Mike Rothschild, OD, believes there are great business-building opportunities for ODs who stay on top of changing regulations in health care delivery. Be part of your patients’ total health care team and communicate with other providers to build your practice for the future.


OPTIMIZE SOCIAL MEDIA. Use social media to interject yourself and your practice into patient conversations. You have a chance unavailable to previous generations of practice owners to influence the conversation about your practice.

MEET NEW REGULATIONS & PROSPER. Enhance your use of patient records, and communications with other doctors, not just to meet new health care reform regulations, but to build relationships with other health care providers.

BECOME PART OF HEALTH CARE TEAM. In sending letters to other health care providers, like primary care doctors, you are following the new regulations, but also are sending a message to these other doctors that your practice is ready to accept their patients.

ENHANCE PRACTICE PROFILE. Build your practice’s reputation in the required letters you send, such as those required for diabetic patients. Other doctors will appreciate that you are communicating with them, and will see that you have the skills and knowledge to care for their patients.

Mike Rothschild, OD, is the founder of West Georgia Eye Care in Carrollton, Ga, and the founder of Leadership OD. To contact him:

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