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How to Beat Online Retailers By Selling Custom, Premium Glasses

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By Evan Pritchett, OD

Nov. 29, 2017

Custom visual solutions from premium spectacle lenses is a practice differentiator. It sets you apart from both online and optical chain retailers. Our 14-doctor, seven-location practice in Nevada, has found the advanced lenses offered by ZEISS to be what our patients want, and a way to impress them with eyeglasses that are of a higher quality than many have ever experienced before.

Dr. Pritchett says offering products like the ZEISS Individual SV lens, allows his practice to provide a product that surpasses the single-vision glasses the patient could buy online, and from many other competitors.

Customized for Each Patient
The single-vision, free-form lenses from ZEISS that we dispense include the Individual SV, DriveSafe and 3D Single Vision lenses. These lenses provide a customized prescription that maximizes our patients’ vision in all lighting conditions and environments.

Our ZEISS Freeform lenses in iScription, using Zeiss iTerminal 2/Mobile for position of wear, allow us to prescribe out to 1/100th of diopter, personalizing a patient’s prescription to not only their frame type and size, but also to how it fits on their face, including pupil centration, distance from the cornea to back of the lens, angle the frame sits on their face and how the frame “wraps” their face.

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are optimized for driving, and help to reduce eyestrain from focusing from different distances – street, dashboard, mirrors, GPS, etc. Also they come with a coating optimized to help improve vision in adverse conditions, and to help reduce glare.

The ZEISS DriveSafe lens is an example of how premium lenses can give a practice a way of providing solutions for specific lifestyle challenges.


Market & Show the Difference Premium, Custom Lenses Make
Both the doctors and opticians in our practice explain to patients the difference between the glasses they will get from us, versus those they could purchase online, or at many corporate chain competitors.

We let our patients know we invest heavily in technology to ensure a highly accurate prescription, precise measurements and customized fitting to deliver the absolute best pair of glasses to meet, and hopefully exceed, their expectations. We point out that our “customized fitting and service” is not available from any online retailer.

We use demo lenses, coatings and virtual try-on tools to show patients the quality of the products we sell. We strongly emphasize lifestyle education to our patients, including the lenses we feel will best suit their unique needs, and make verbal recommendations to the patient in the exam room and during the hand-off to the optician.

Use Lifestyle Questionnaire to Discover Visual Needs
We are able to provide customized solutions for patients because, in addition to selling the best lenses, we ask the right questions. We have patients fill out lifestyle questionnaires asking them if they are experiencing any discomfort or challenges with: driving; glare, nighttime, overcast days; computer use, digital device use; eyestrain, watering, fatigue, headaches; or focusing near and far.

ZEISS i.Scription technology gives Dr. Pritchett’s practice a way to create glasses that account for the smallest aberrations in vision, and even the patient’s face shape, and how they move their head.

Get Staff & Patient Educational Support
has been a tremendous partner, allowing us to practice at a high level and deliver amazing products to our patients. They provide us with reps to train our staff, introduce new products, send patient education materials, and host dinners and lunches to ensure we are prescribing the products correctly, and that we understand how we can meet our patients’ demanding visual needs.

ZEISS has helped us expand to provide exceptional eyecare to the residents of northern Nevada. They continually innovate to assist us in providing amazing vision to our patients.



Evan Pritchett, OD, is the president of Pritchett Eye Care PC, a seven-location practice in northern Nevada. To contact: drpritchett@pritchetteyecare.com

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