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Advances in Wearable Technology: Electronic Eyewear

An ROB annual video report on new technology in electronic eyewear showcased atthe 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

February 4, 2015

Advances in Wearable Technology
Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
Task-Specific Applications

“Wearable technology” was the hot topic at theJanuary2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, according to Andrew Karp, group editor Lenses & Technology for 20/20 and Vision Monday. Comprising a burgeoning category within that was electronic eyewear, which was highlighted at the Digital Health Pavilion within the humongous CES. “A few years ago, electronic eyewear began to make an appearance,” says Karp, “but now it really claims its own space.”

“Wearable technology” has branched off in several directions, Andrew Karp explains. Some electronic eyewear generates an augmented reality that lays text and image atop clear lenses so you can interact with the world in an information-rich environment. Virtual reality devices provide an immersive experience, sealing off the wearer in a world within goggles. Beyond that are niche products, often with health and wellness features, all built into eyewear.

Innovations in “wearable technology” are driven by a trend toward task-specific applications for lifestyle and work-related needs, according to Andrew Karp. Some electronic eyewear captures sports action with HD cameras; other devices generate an immersive 360-degree action environment for gaming, manipulating virtual objects or viewing 3D movies. Still others allow you to interact with actors in a movie. “Eyecare practitioners have long looked at patient lifestyles to offer products that enhance one’s experience,” he says. “Now manufacturers of wearable tech are doing the same thing.”

Andrew Karp, is group editor, Lenses & Technology for 20/20 and Vision Monday. To contact him: akarp@jobson.com

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