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3D Customized Eyewear is Here

Nov. 2, 2016

Barry E. Santini, ABOC, has added a new system to take a 3D scan of a customer’s face and generate anatomically customized eyeglass frames from a 3D printer. The result is outstanding accuracy in fit and a high-tech wow factor.

EASILY IMPLEMENTED CUSTOM 3D EYEWEAR. You can use an iPad with an infrared laser to scan a patient’s head, then send the frames to be 3D-printed so the eyewear is customized for the patient’s head, face and fitting preferences.

PRESENT A VIRTUAL, HIGH-RESOLUTION REPRESENTATION. The patient’s image on the iPad can be moved and turned in all directions to give the patient a clear idea of how the glasses will look and fit them.

FUTURE IS CUSTOMIZATION. Just as footwear in the future will enable buyers to take a scan of their feet at home, and then send to the manufacturer for custom shoes, the eyewear industry also will be expected to provide custom products.

LITTLE TRAINING REQUIRED. To fit a patient for 3D eyewear, the optician will only need to learn how close or how far from the patient to stand as they circle the patient scanning their head and face with the iPad’s infrared scanning device. Training can be done in half a day.

MODEST FINANCIAL INVESTMENT. For $4,000, you can get a 3D display, along with the imaging tools necessary to take and use the scan for fitting.

Barry Santini, ABOM, a master optician, is co-owner of Long Island Opticians in Seaford, N.Y. He recently was named Optician of the Year by the Society to Advance Opticianry. To contact him: besantini@optonline.net.

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